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Let’s Talk Joss Episode #010 – Bad Plot Lines in the Whedonverse

Join Tabz, Heidi and Larissa as they discuss bad plot lines from Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse (okay we slip in Doctor Horrible and Sugar Shock too).

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Let’s Talk Joss Episode #003 – Love in the Whedonverse

Kevin Bachelder (The Signal, Farscape, Firefly Talk), Kim Butler (Buffy Between the Lines, Joss’d, Upside Down & Halfway to Happyland), Emma Rawlin (Buffy Between the Lines, Joss’d), Larissa (Buffy Between the Lines) & Tabitha Grace Smith (Buffy Between the Lines, Tales from the Verse, Strangely Literal, Joss’d, After Serenity) discuss love (romantic/friendship/family) in the Whedonverse!Want to send us an email?