Let’s Talk Joss Episode #008 – Bad Girls of the Whedonverse

Join Tabz, Emma and Nuchtchas as they talk about the bad girls of the Whedonverse from Darla to Adele.

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  1. Virginia James

    Hello! I wanted to start off by saying I freaking love your podcast!
    I understand that this particular podcast has been out for a good while now, and I have barely discovered it -I’d say a good few months ago. I just wanted to say Thanks for the awesome podcasts- I love the group of people involved in these episodes, you all have wonderful voices and insight on everything Whedon-related. I was just wondering- are these podcasts still running? it appears most of these episodes are from last year.
    Please let me know of any new projects/podcasts, I would be glad to lend a hand on anything you would need -anything at all, …I mean it- I’m willing to get my hands dirty for you 🙂


    ~Virginia James

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